Last year august i was in love with they..who are them??Its Girls Generation...!
The first time I saw them
The first time, I saw nine girls
The first time, I saw me unexpected Leader
For the first time, I heard the song of strength
For the first time, I saw their strong
The first time, distressed
Their efforts, their tears, their sweat
Those of us has seen the Sone
Its Now, Girls Genertion...
9 girls from different families
9 girls, 9 different....
9 girls, always in our hearts 9

They are Girls Generation"Taeyeon,Jessica,Sunny,Tiffany,Hyoyeon,Yuri,Sooyoung,YoonA,Seohyun
No matter ANTI said them
No matter any problem of them
First Time,i saw Taeyeon was cried because of Anti,when she felt disapointed,i saw her heart was hurtand know you all will tell me,they just a Artist,,they are don`t know your living,they are just know,had many of Sone support them,not only me..its so hard to remember you..that is only you..
its possible!

First time,i heard they speak Mandarin,i was smiling
when they intro theirself,i just heard what are them speak
its really so funny and real
thank you hyoyeon,go to china learn mandarin
First time,i shocked about their dance.
when they are dancing,i just focus

The longest trainee [jessica&hyoyeon]
Although you are not leader, but would like to thank you,
without you start, following that its will no Girls Generation
thank you jessica &hyoyeon.
Onnie`s 2 Cutie dongsaeng[YoonA&Seohyun]
thank you yoona & seohyun give a good present from the 7 sisiter.
yoona can be a good aritist,mc,actor and All-round entertainer
you are the best!!!!yuri `s lover!!^^
seohyun when i saw you im also shocked
because you are really All-round entertainer
Each show, that you are the only in any show
dance,singing,you will do the best
i love your simple.
the 2 cute dongsaeng are tall than abother 6 onnie!wakaka
 Mature `s sunny
when the 8 sisters, sad that the time.
your are strongly,To comfort them.
no matter Other people say that you are relying on relations into SM
,You keep on working hard, to tell everyone, you are strength of sing .
Rather than rely on relationships.

Seven sisters smaller than their you,
But you never call them is the onnie
Its you"Sooyoung"
You are responsible for tall body of them
Your earlier step than their debut,go to japan
thank you,come back to be SNSD
Although the debut, you are not the focus
however,atfer the"Genie"come back..
your Popularity become high!!

Forever tumbler`s Yuri
No matter how tired you are very strong
Until that time you're sick,
i will choose happy ?
because you can take a time to rest
Since from the debut, became the most beautiful its you
Yoona is your roomate,because of that
your are always listen to yoona
till morning...
you are a good listen for yoona..
please ,dont be too tired..

"Mother"is is the topic of ban..
because tiffany are lose mom when her are small
but that time in a show"Chocolate"
Tiffany said:
"this is my first time to said in show,after we are debut,
mom,however your are early leave me,but thank you
you give me a 8 sisiter!!"
I was cried!!!
tiffany are strong!!
when debut,your eyes smile are very pretty,
you voice is great and touched my heart!
tiffany you are had a 8 sister to support you and love you.
you are the lucky only.
i love you so much.
because your eyes smile and voice make me so touch.
Although they are only a short period of 3 years debut.
But their story, not only as short as 3 years
We witness...
We promise
Sone always with SNSD Forever!!
What generation is now?
Lets Go Sosi Lets go!!!^^
My collection
 These are my collections of saving to buy..
although no many but these things is my treasure..
between than i would thanks magic castle ..
no they i was no these collection^^
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